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Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc. developed an increased reliance on information ability, as well as the need to replace their aging backup system. Due to Egltech, Inc.’s wide range of technical abilities, Global Concepts trusted the company to provide reliable information availability and backup services.

Egltech delivers proactive maintenance services, designed to reduce our client’s costs, increase their profits and mitigate their business risks. At Egltech, we partner with your organization as your Virtual CIO and IT department, allowing you to focus on what’s important; running your business instead of your technology.

The Challenge:

For West Michigan aluminum die casting company, Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc., everything is done with computers; including all of their inventory and shipping information. “If any of our main servers go down, we basically can’t do anything.” Explains Global Concepts.

Due to the rapid company growth at Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc., they began to develop more reliance on information availability. Global Concepts also required a replacement for their aging backup system.

The Solution:

In order to provide reliable information availability, we virtualized the current environment with VMware, which also provided the scalability required by Global Concepts. The VMware is based on three host servers, connected to a Dell EqualLogic ISCSI storage array. In addition, we’ve utilized 10GB connections between the servers and network switches, with all virtual machines hosted on the Dell Equalogic storage device.

We also updated the backup system with our Storagecraft backup solution, designed with primary and secondary backup servers to reduce the time spent restoring data in the event of a hardware failure. The secondary backup server is located offsite, and both primary and secondary servers have the ability to replicate backup data continuously.

At Egltech, Inc., we ensure to resolve issues in a timely manner when problems happen to arise. “When I had one server go down and it was totally dead, they had somebody here that morning to figure out a way to get it back. We had it back up and running in a virtual environment that same day.” expressed Global Concepts.

The Results:

Global Concepts Enterprise has an operational server platform that’s aligned with their present and future information needs. This system is protected with an up-to-date backup solution, which provides rapid data restoration in the event of a disaster. Global Concepts has effectively eliminated office downtime with the help of Egltech, Inc.

At Egltech, Inc., we continue to provide computer hardware, as well as software licensing products for Global Concepts. “All my software licensing, I purchase through Egltech, and they keep track of when the yearly maintenance is due. They’ll get ahold of me, [which is] one less thing to keep track of.” Said Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc.

Global Concepts explains how helpful Egltech, Inc. has been: “They’re easy to work with. If I’m ever in a bind, they do whatever they can to get a tech here and help me out. It doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday or Sunday, one way or another, they’ll definitely get on it and help you out.”

About Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc.

Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc. is a privately held company with extensive domestic and international capabilities in aluminum die-casting and supplying custom tooled parts to the office furniture, construction, and medical industries. Products and services offered by Global Concepts include a vast range of materials, such as aluminum die casting, metal stamping, plastic injection moldings, assemblies, fabrication, as well as tooling and finishes.