Deciding who to trust with your I.T. takes time. As you have questions, we’ll have the answers.

Yes. We have clients you can call as references. They are available upon request and provided to you as we discuss our possibility of partnering together.

Yes. We offer payment discounts for 12, 24, or 36 month agreements as well as discounts on our services when purchased in specific quantities.

While our helpdesk is fully staffed during business hours, we always have ‘after-hours’ support available by phone. This covers both remote and on-site work.

EGLtech has been in business since 1996. Since then, the company has evolved from building computers, to providing internet service to businesses, and has now grown into an experienced IT department for small and medium-sized businesses.

Yes. We have both in-house (remote) and on-site (at your office) support available at your request.

No problem! Many of our customers have a designated IT support person or department to handle certain issues. These customers partner with EGLtech for business planning, technical projects, second opinions, IT security, and other higher end technical requests.
We offer customized IT support plans based on your technology needs. Our plans range from 100 percent coverage to simple network monitoring and antivirus protection.

Cloud computing isn’t for everyone. We would never push a technology just because it’s ‘popular’. In many situations, Cloud computing can reduce the need to purchase expensive hardware. We will always work with you to recommend a solution with a couple options. If we think a particular technology will save you money or provide a competitive advantage, we’ll discuss its pros and cons with you and let you make the decisions.

It’s true that it’s not only the large enterprise companies that need to prepare for a possible breach of data. Small and medium sized businesses are targets too. While no company can promise you’ll never get hacked, EGLtech has proven technologies and processes in place that ensures your business is secure.

The pricing for WebTop is a fixed monthly fee based on the total number of users you wish to cover under the agreement. A user can have multiple devices, such as a laptop, desktop, and phone, and pricing will not be affected.

Technical Services support can be purchased in a chunk of ‘block-time’ hours or by ‘pay-as-you-go’. Both options are billed out on an hourly rate once our team begins solving an issue.

If the problem you are experiencing cannot be repaired quickly over the phone, then we immediately dispatch a technician to repair the issue at your office.

At EGLtech, we provide 24/7/365 network monitoring of all of your IT infrastructure. This allows us to be notified of IT issues before it affects any employee productivity. Smart Care enables you to take a ‘hands-off’ approach to day-to-day IT while having reassurance that everything is taken care of.

The pricing for Smart Care is a fixed monthly fee based on the total number of devices you wish to cover under the agreement. Examples of included devices are Workstations (laptops and desktops), Servers, and Firewalls. Once a device is covered, you’ll have unlimited proactive and reactive support for any incident that appears.

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