Erik Fruend

Help Desk Technician

I started working with EGLtech during my junior year at Hope College to help build my career. I’ve loved it ever since. I monitor the service board for new tickets, and answer phone calls from clients. It is my job to identity the cause of the issue and to troubleshoot a resolution. I love the challenging problems that make me think in different ways and expand my knowledge.

I knew after my first interview that I wanted to work with EGLtech. Everyone is very professional and we enjoy a great sense of camaraderie.

I like to explore new places and experience new cultures so I travel whenever I can, wherever I can. During the winter I take every opportunity I can to go skiing (been skiing since I was 5 years old!).

Smart Care has provided us with not only lower IT support costs but Line of Business application vendor support as well. This additional support has been wonderful. It allows for more time for our client responsibilities while knowing our IT-related vendor issues are being handled properly and immediately.

—Linda Vugteveen, Office Manager Cunnington Dalman PC