Managed Services

Fully Managed Smart Care

With Smart Care Complete, we take care of it all. That way, you can focus on what’s most important – your organization, your people, and your role.

Co-Managed Smart Care

Our Co-Managed Smart Care plans cater to the needs of your IT staff. We’ll create a package that best supplements the skills of your current team.

Monitoring Only

Smart Care Monitoring provides 24/7 monitoring of your technology with the flexibility of scaling your support needs.

Other Services


We understand the importance of keeping your company’s digital assets as secure as possible. We work hard to ensure your proprietary, employee, and client information will never be compromised.

VOIP Phones

Not all phone solutions are created equal. We believe your phone system should connect to your cell phone, provide video conferencing and chat, and integrate with your CRM – all while saving you money each month. 

Cloud Services

You’ve probably asked yourself if you’re utilizing the Cloud the right way. We’ll assess your current business goals and assess when, and how much, of the Cloud you should be using.