Our Mission

We establish relationships and improve client profitability through extraordinary service and technology.

About Us

EGLtech was founded in 1998 and has become a leader of IT services for businesses in West Michigan. We believe an IT partnership goes beyond technology. We have invested our resources to develop a managed services model that creates true cohesiveness with our clients. The result is a support, security, and strategy process built for your unique business needs.

We believe that relationships and communication are the ultimate factors in a successful partnership. For us, it starts with our team and our emphasis on transparency, trust and teamwork. Implementing the importance of this culture at EGLtech has helped us grow closer as a team and, as a result, it translates to our relationship with our clients. Our focus on trust and communication – grounded on open and honest, consistent communication – results in a true partnership.

Our unique perspective on the relationship between technology and an organization’s business goals is driven by EGLtech’s founder & President, Rick Huizenga. While owning businesses in different industries, he realized there was often a fragile, and even negative, relationship between a business and its technology. His attention and focus on aligning these two items has resulted in Smart Care Managed Services.

We’re excited for the opportunity to work with you and your team. If given the chance, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your investment pays off.

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

– Isaiah 40:31

Core Values

Giving Back

We will maintain a focus of enriching
the lives of those in our community

Be Exceptional, Not Expected

We seek to raise the bar in all that we do

Holistic Employee Well-Being

We will help each employee fully develop professionally
and fulfill their personal God-given calling

Clients’ Needs First

Client success is our obsession


We strive to do what’s right for our clients
and our team

Our History

We originally opened our doors as Eagle Design and Technology, Inc. Back then, we provided IT services, were an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and utilized CAD design and rapid prototyping services. For many in the West Michigan area, we are still known as ‘Eagle’ or ‘Eagle Tech’.

In 2002, we sold our ISP division to a regional ISP and decided to focus all of our efforts on our growing IT services division. Since then, we have evolved into one of the leading IT support companies in West Michigan. We have been blessed with consistent growth that is rooted by close relationships with each of our clients.

Over the years we have enjoyed a growing, experienced, and personable team. We currently support clients of all sizes – from about 10 computers to hundreds of computers and for us, it is more about the relationship than the technology. For our clients, it’s about trust, service, and punctuality. Our core values include honesty, world-class service, and being exceptional…among others.

Why We Work

We like serving. It’s in the lifeblood of every employee and every executive. Whether it’s simple fixes or complex infrastructure, we believe in serving West Michigan business with the talents we’ve been given.

We’re here to help. Our clients become long term partners and our employees are cherished friends. Relationships make our business run and make us uniquely positioned to help serve your company.

Recognize Our Old Logos?